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Discover an amazing career

The work you'll do is challenging. The lives you touch will be rewarding. The opportunities you'll find are endless. At LabCorp, you'll discover many ways to make a difference. From the people across the nation your work affects to your co-workers you see each day, your role is essential to everyone. Whether you're interested in technology or sales, phlebotomy or IT, you can build a successful career that can only be described as amazing.

As we discover new methodologies and new disease strains, you'll be sure to have the most industry-leading technology at your fingertips. We service more than 220,000 clients and are one of the premier laboratories in the world - which means as the industry changes, we're one step ahead. Explore LabCorp and see where your passion will make a difference.

Laboratory Technical Professionals

Our talented Lab Tech Professionals are tasked with handling thousands of specimens each day. These dedicated individuals are solely responsible for the analyzing, testing and processing of specimens across a variety of different specialties. Their expertise, training and attention to detail allow us to be one of the premier testing laboratories in the world.

Lab Support Professionals

Our Laboratory Support team members play an important role in our organization. From Accessioning to Specimen Management before our Lab Techs can even begin, the Lab Support team must assess testing needs and accurately process each item. It's a pivotal role that involves the receiving, sorting, organizing and splitting of a wide variety of different specimens. And with approximately 470,000 samples daily, rest assure, our professionals know just how many lives their work is connected to each week.

Phlebotomy Services

The LabCorp Patient Services Centers are one of the most important links between the patient and our laboratory. That's why our professionals are not only skilled in what they do, they let compassion and patience guide their talents. Each day they're tasked with providing quality care and customer service, while they tend to the needs of their patients. Here, our Patient Service Technicians (PSTs) are much more than phlebotomists - they're the face of LabCorp.

Client Services – Call Center

Join our Client Services team and become part of a highly-trained staff responsible for ensuring our clients receive the best quality service possible. Our staff provides answers to customer needs such as test information, specimen requirements, turnaround time information, test add-ons and patient results. They're knowledgeable professionals and technically trained in the areas of problem investigation, resolution, client notification and specimen problem reporting.

Pathology Services

As a Pathologist, there's no better motivation than waking up each day and saying "the work I do today may save lives." At LabCorp, our team of world-class pathologists is dedicated professionals that truly feel the connection between each specimen and the life behind it. Their countless hours of analysis and quality control are just one of the reasons LabCorp is one of the premier testing laboratories. And as we continue to set the standard in the industry, our Pathologists meet daily to review all cancer diagnosis, possible high-risk scenarios and a select number of benign cases in order to combine the expertise of the entire team.

Courier Services

Our Service Representatives are more than couriers, most often they're the face of LabCorp. As the direct connection to the physician's office, the work they do is essential, as they're responsible for more than just the timely transportation of our specimens. From equipment deliveries to setting up newly established accounts, each day their responsibility is great, but the personal rewards is even greater.

Information Technology

At LabCorp, accurate information is a critical part of our business. That's why, we are the only clinical laboratory in the country that links communications devices in the field to one central computer system. This system tracks every specimen from the moment of collection to delivery to the customer. It's the perfect example of how as an IT specialist, you'll be connected to something amazing.


At LabCorp, our sales staff delivers more than results. As one of the nation's premier laboratory networks, our sales staff strives to be a valued partner in the physician/patient relationship. We offer physicians access to a broad portfolio of tests ranging from diabetes and cholesterol screening tests to colorectal cancer and highly specialized gene-based procedures. Through this relationship, patients can feel confident in knowing they are benefiting from the latest in test technology and receiving quality results. And with over 220,000 clients, it shows.


Whether viewing a specimen under a microscope or interfacing with clients, everyone plays an essential role in what we do. From Finance to Human Resources to Legal, the internal groups that keep LabCorp moving forward are key components in making sure we stay connected to what's important. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, the work our professionals provide is critical to our existence, which ultimately means it means much more to our patients, and their lives.